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Workshops & Programmes

Lance King will be available for the foreseeable future to deliver in-school and conference workshops and seminars for teachers, students and school parents.



  • Key-note sessions on future trends in education, ATL skills and the need for schools to change and adapt to prepare children well for their AI-enhanced digital futures.

  • Breakout sessions on designing, planning and implementing ATL skills programmes to maximise students advantage for their digital future.


Teachers workshops:

  • Teaching with ATL Skills in Mind – two day fully interactive workshop on designing, planning, mapping and teaching an engaging ATL skills programme from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

  • One hour after-school introduction to key principles of ATL skills programme implementation.


Student workshops:

  • Two different ATL skills development workshops for MYP and DP students to improve the effectiveness of their learning, their motivation, their resilience and their academic achievement at school.


Parents seminar:

  • One evening seminar for parents to help them to understand how a focus on ATL skills both at school and at home can help their children achieve greater academic success and achieve their full potential 


For further details on workshops please contact Lance King directly via email at

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